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Comments (15)

Some of these made me LOL.

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Oh, an also, the first one appears to be taken by someone other than the people in the foreground, so technically it doesn't even happen to be an actual selfie. xD
[Reasonless Term Check mode OFF]

lol my job is done here then
oh well , technically yeah but who cares , it worths a lough :P



lol the first one is my favorite, hehe they let their baby take the selfie XD

lol yeah drugs does miracles xD

Ha (post more :D)

I will :3



Lol the girl face on the last one xD

Lol ikr XD

mine are WAY worse.

Lol you should see mine cx

That last one is bad ass.

Hehe yeah

BUUUUT If you think of it the other way........
How many fucking times do you get to see a dog fucking and just happen to be taking a selfie?

The baseball one is even moooore amazing :O

Indeed o.o luck is working on the wrong way xD

Wha? I've seen a cat do the same :O

An old drunk man told me once , when you die you reborn as a cat in your second life 9.o
maybe that's why cx

Oh my god xD

Lol ikr cx

That's another thing added to my "Dumbest Ideas" list! Then again I don't actually have that list nor do I care to start one -_-. (welcome to eternity this is the summary of the services we can provide!)

But how the heck did she take a photo right when the ball was gonna hit her... *turns the photo into a video* Yeha that left a mark... maybe a few years in the hospital recovering from that.

Lol indeed .. humans keep creating stupid things each day cx
yeah that's gonna hurt o.o the one who toke that pic is too damn lucky od just using photoshop o.o

Selfies: the new way of being the laughing stock of the internet

Lol indeed

is this 2007??? and wow the chick with the ball that wasn't photoshopped oh no:)
how can people be so fucking gullible and ignorant

it's proably photoshoped but people don't care ^^ the laugh is all matters :)

Who the fuck kisses their own grandmother on the lips? O.o
That freaks me out

some people are just weird o.O