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Ice cream? anyone?... o.o

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Comments (17)

OMG!! who is that???

what's so funny ?

@AUSANFORD you leave this website first fuckers :D

O.o you sure you're the old DSF ? you don't sound like him o.O

@TheDubstepFreak stab your ass first :D
nah just kidding, he just my alt account ._.

ohhh .. cx

I've seen worse looking people than her, like no shit. lol

For real, though, it's great that she doesn't care what other people think. I would love to meet her because she's a very brave young woman trying to achieve something great. Bullying is a huge problem and I'm glad that she's making a stand to try to do her best to stop it, while gaining supporters.

Yeah I've seen worse too O.o
indeed , I really feel like I wanna hug her -.- imagine searching for "the ugliest woman on earth" and you find your pic on the first page o.o I'm so glad she didn't suicide or do something stupid when she was younger , and yeah she's doing a great work with her project against bullying !

I agree with @DeftonesFan665 , its great that she has the courage to stand up and vocally defend herself and others. More people need to be like her and stand up for the 'right' thing/cause.

Indeed , she got a heart of a beast .. I don't even know her personally and I'm so proud of her !

that suck for her.
at least she had beautiful hair
and a brain, quite surprising for that handicap that suppose to be anormal cause of the reaction of others persons.

and why there are many cutscene?

Yeah indeed ..
Hmm idk omo

Not giving a fuck \'o'/

It's nit just a word .. it's a lifestyle ! ;D

@SCTE3 okay... XD

When I first saw "I'm ugly" I was like ..what? o.O
But really.. Imagine how she felt when people started calling her the ugliest woman in the world :/
Now she doesn't even give a fuck and has come a long way from that (:

Yup ^^ not giving a fuck is the best thing to do in this case ^^

She may not be the prettiest woman, but she definitely has the most beautiful personality.

Totally true ♥

I don't know man.
Sometimes white backgrounds are just too ugly to be ignored

ikr it's ugly ! :\

I don't care if she's ugly of course, She is a kind heart women who just wants stand up for herself and others against bullying. Who care's about looks.... its the inside that counts <3

indeed <3

Everyone wants you to change,
Your looks,
Your clothes,
Your hair,
Your personality
Your style,
After awhile if you go ahead with it your no longer you,
So try not to give a fuck about how people say you should change,
I'm a very negative person (well atleast I think I am *_* )
and I'm always looking on the bad side the what Ifs the worst case senarios and most people are like that, The god dammed human race is like that. So just everyone and awhile say could be worse or I don't give no fucks

indeed .. not giving a fuck is a lifestyle now

i'm Nick and I'm with Lizzy ^^

Enjoy! :) (Forgot to post a news entry that I recovered from my sickness. Oh well, its too late for that now)

Hm? I've made uglier in The Sims 2 Seasons. Giant-faced......ugly...... ALIENS!!!!!

lol yeah tell me about it cx

she seems like a nice person, im glad that she's making people happy, because in the bottom line, it's what matters the most.

good post, silent sam, you are an O.K man in my book.

oh i'm glad to hear that c: