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and yes, i'm still alive.. sorry for getting you all worried, i just disappeared without warning and never talked to anyone, i know.. it's my fault, for everyone who cares.. i'm sorry, it wasn't easy for me as well :c 

but if ya gimme a minute here i'll explain... well i'm not sure where to start, you guys know i've had a bad days lately, and i thank you all for holding my back those days, i wouldn't make it without you :) but when i thought it's getting better.. my father passed away :( yeah... that's when all the bullshit began, just put yourself in my position, you're in a strange country, no friends and no one to trust, and above all that your father dies... i won't lie i was mentally and physically destroyed by that, why physically? because someone had to pay for our school bills, over 4700USD for me and my couple lil sisters, keep away the bus bills and daily things, so i had to sell my laptop, PS3, phone and pretty much everything i got and started working 7\24 after school to keep it up with all that :\ 

that's what happend in short, all tho now i'm all good, i'm in the UK London now, living in gradma's house -.- at least it's better this way, much bigger house and i don't have to do everything myself and work my ass all day .-. 

okay.. enough with the sad part, i'm doing great now :) i think i got depressed to bad that i stopped feeling bad about it XD at least that's the only good thing i came out with >.> i still miss my dad tho.. specially that Fathers Day been few days ago.. but eh we gotta move on and hope he's in a better place now <3 :) 

so.... man i've been off the internet for ages o.o i feel like a caveman XD 

how's everyone holding up out there? hope you're all doing great :) i really missed you all <3 each and everyone of you ^.^ and again, i'm so sorry for getting you all woried..


and still got over 40 PMs to read and let away DA notes, i feel bad for leaving you guys like that, but i also feel great knowing there's people out there holding my back when i need it <3 i love you all :') 

i'm back now and hopefully i'll start drawing again soon ^^ please let me know how you've been while i'm off :)


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