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2014-03-13 09:20:55 by SileNt-Sam


no one broke into my account and i DID NOT write that =.=

lol for fucks sake why would i say "i am a fat brony" or "fuck you all bitches" ? 

omg he's much more stupid than he looks like XD

i'm sorry Madnesia19 for that but it's not my fault , DSF faked that with MS paint or something .. since he's too underdeveloped to use photoshop >.> 

fuck i'm too busy for this shit ,, but since you wanna play dirty you'll have it ^^


this pic was taken by Mikik 9/17/12 and heres the proof ( <<< click here)




AND this one was taken by SwagMuffin on 9/22/12 and heres the proof :P << click :3 



4206973_139471662663_c10be8e8de35ebd8e0cf4f0853f5c783.pngLOL and this one was taken by Asandir few hours ago XD



and now I DARE YOU to post a pic of your face on your page >:3 

i'll admit to everyone that i'm a "fat brony" if you did that :P but i'm sure you don't have the balls to it XD

now go play somewhere else kiddo ^^


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2014-03-13 09:28:31

They won't though because as a 13 year old, it is beyond their comprehension to be honest with people. All the pictures you posted were faked by users, all one needs to do is save a copy of that one web page in particular, edit the text, load the page, then snap a shot. However, in all fairness, pretty funny TheDubstepFreak is getting what is coming to them. They act childish and think they're funny harassing or spreading lies about other users, yet when the table is turned on them, act like it is the worst thing ever. The point? If one can't handle having a taste of their own medicine, they should not start any crap then.

Hopefully these shenanigans will be over soon. Looking forward to more of your art. :)

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol yeah i know that ^^
nah it won't take long :3 thx man i'll try :)


2014-03-13 09:37:46


SileNt-Sam responds:

sweet revenge :P


2014-03-13 10:20:39

Holy shit massive PWNAGE 2 the h8rs

SileNt-Sam responds:

yup yup yup


2014-03-13 10:29:07

Dude,i just wanna let you know im totaly supporting you with this crap.
DSF is acting like a 10 year old child(i doubt that he's older).
I mean,if he hates you so much,the why the fuck is he being obsesed with you so much!??
My tip is to ignore the bitch,when i told him some months ago what i truly believe about all this shit the first thing he did was starting to spam on my page and i wasted my entire evening with that.
And i think he's just jealous about your succes.
H aving
A nger
T owards
E veryone
R eaching
S ucces

SileNt-Sam responds:

thx man ^^
yeah i know that :\ he's just jealous :P


2014-03-13 11:50:16


SileNt-Sam responds:



2014-03-13 14:06:16

good job somebody took down a bunch of smug assholes who just hate on the cool people and they have no love for themselfs so they have to take it out on the rest of us who have friends on here and in the RL world

SileNt-Sam responds:

yup .. isn't that pathetic ?


2014-03-13 15:46:21

I knew you weren't like that :l

SileNt-Sam responds:

good :3


2014-03-13 16:19:21

Check out the comment I left for him on his page.

SileNt-Sam responds:

yeah i saw it .. so true , but it's useless to talk to him since he's nothing but a silly 10yrs old kiddo


2014-03-13 17:11:06

This is really amusing.
Guess this is what happens if you mess around like that for no reason.

SileNt-Sam responds:

yeah :P


2014-03-13 17:20:58

Asandir's is the best.

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol indeed


2014-03-13 17:52:10

ohh now I see..damn ng is starting to get fucked up thou..

SileNt-Sam responds:

nah it's just fine :P


2014-03-13 18:50:15

Rather pitiful in itself that he gets a taste of his own medicine and decides to leave because people were "bullying" him. Quite ironic, wouldn't you say?

SileNt-Sam responds:

haha yeah but i'd say pathetic is the right word


2014-03-13 19:29:10

Whats going on here ?

SileNt-Sam responds:

nothing to see here :3 just my sweet revenge XD


2014-03-13 19:53:39

Lol.... I laughed.... hard.

Nice burn - not sure exactly what happened - except that you got revenge. As the Klingon Proverb goes....

"Revenge is a dish best served cold."

(Updated ) SileNt-Sam responds:

lol yeah what a sweet revenge :P
he made the first pic up there saying i'm a fat brony and other silly stuff and starts telling everyone about it and he even made a post about it >.>
it's not hard to notice that it's fake and no one believed him but i just wanted to strike back for fun and to make sure to everyone that i didn't write that ^^
i think that's all :P and i you saw his last post he's saying that he's gonna suicide and stuff , who cares ^^


2014-03-14 04:47:26

He also blocked me, but I don't give a fuck.

SileNt-Sam responds:

ya he banned me too but i left a nice comment with my other acc :P


2014-03-14 11:19:52

i don't really care if he kills himsef , from my perspective there will be one less idiot on this planet.

SileNt-Sam responds:

true my friend


2014-03-14 14:16:12

it is pathetic i got the hate from thedubstepfreak just becuse i posted my kind of adult anime and he belittled me because i can't spell some words tooi have a learning disability that makes spelling some words hard for me

SileNt-Sam responds:

just ignore him , he's gone anyways .. thank god


2014-03-14 15:01:52

@theonewingedangel234 Yea, in case you never noticed, they would ALWAYS go out of their way to have a rotten attitude towards those who put hentai on their blogs or upload adult art (the latter he admits he flags adult art for simply being adult art, thus why they will always have a garbage whistle) and just being an ass in general to people for no reason.

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol so true my friend , flagging rated A stuff for being rated A isn't a smart move haha


2014-03-14 15:29:38

@SCTE3 ya thats true i bet ya he just randomly picked me just to see if he could make me leave NG. and why try and censore someone or a website anyways i hate censoreship in anykind weather it be in movies and tv or in the art world but thats just me

SileNt-Sam responds:

no one would blame you for that


2014-03-14 15:56:52

Well, that guy seems to be a big jerk. If I helped in making him stop lashing out against you and others and make him leave, then that's good news ^^

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol yeah ^^


2014-03-14 16:14:30

Btw im a bronie don't black mail me you lil shits

One a girl can't fuck you unless she gets a sex change or a strap-on
Two if you want to go to jack off to pony porn be my guess but don't post it
Three Just no

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol i have nothing against bronies :P
i'm not sure if you're on my side or his but thx anyways ^^


2014-03-14 18:14:03

People are weird. I mean, I have sex fantasies sometimes but I don't put them as my news post! That's just unnatural.

SileNt-Sam responds:

yeah that's what i mean ~.~


2014-03-14 18:33:36

I wouldn't leave NG i have too many good friends here and im too stong to let any body get to me to make me leave a site that i love <3

SileNt-Sam responds:

me tooooo <3


2014-03-14 18:45:37

What a stupid kid.

SileNt-Sam responds:

haha indeed


2014-03-15 00:27:48

"Kiddo." Cringe. You're like 12 years old, Sam.

SileNt-Sam responds:

no my dear i'm 15 :3
but when it comes to age , it's not about how many years you've been here .. it's about how much you've learned from these years .. and i've learned a lot :)


2014-03-15 06:51:44

And then there's me, being premature and still watching you draw porn xD

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol i'm not mature my self xD we'll get old sooner or later anyways :P


2014-03-15 07:17:35

Dude i just looked on tailsbuddy's news post :O You donated bone marrow!?? You're a hero!!! I hated DSF before but now he is the public enemy >:d

SileNt-Sam responds:

yeah man that was long time ago :)
haha yeah XD he's gone now anyways


2014-03-15 12:28:32

If you call me any pet names ever again I'm going to beat the shit out of you

SileNt-Sam responds:

yes ma'am ! uhh i mean sorry ma'am


2014-03-15 12:46:06

This is the type of bullshit that makes me want to murder everybody

SileNt-Sam responds:



2014-03-15 12:55:13

dsf seems like a 12 virgin nerd faggot, he should probably kill himself so he can not spread his genes.

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol yeah


2014-03-15 20:20:56

It seems it's hacking me then

SileNt-Sam responds:

oh dear D:


2014-03-16 09:39:43

Gimme a picture of your face via PM. I wanna make you into a female :V

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol okay :P


2014-03-16 16:46:36

>.> Damn dude.. that was a torrent of anal rape without lube with a side dish of pwnage force fed down the mouth of an immature toddler riding the troll nutsack.

I know he has been riding your nads hard ever since I started following you geez though it is ridiculous to see such dimwitted behavior from people. I mean obviously acting like a troll because you think it is cool and will make you friends is the wrong way to go.

children these days are lacking in what I would like to call a little Discipline and to be honest I have a song that can kind of sum this up (well the misbehavior anyway)

Anyways going to go now but I will leave with this.. if they want to play a game we will show them how it is played.

SileNt-Sam responds:

you're wiser than i thought c:


2014-03-17 08:08:00

It's kinda weird that a porn hater like him has 69 fans.
Strange coincidence.

SileNt-Sam responds:

69 is the last two numbers of my phone number , no joke


2014-03-18 11:21:52

Of course i'm wise sam lol knowledge comes with age my friend lol.

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol ohh that's why i'm still dumb XD


2014-03-18 11:42:33

Nah.. it's a part of growing up.. the older you get and the more you experience ends up all adding into your knowledge bank that is your brain. So you're good I just have a 5 year head start on you lol.

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol yeah good thinking ^^


2014-03-31 05:24:45

Can you tell that the ppl who help you to find the hacker yea tell me I'm hacked too pls

SileNt-Sam responds: