Entry #293


2014-03-17 08:40:26 by SileNt-Sam

uhh i have nothing to post so lets talk about schol X3 and english class to be exact :P

it's really boring and all my friends always fall asleep whenever the teacher gets in ._.

but i'm different c: i usually start doodling .. till i fall asleep too XD 

i think this one turned nice , it's not that good but it's an idea fro a new character i might work on later :\

uhh .. so what's up ? :)



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2014-03-17 08:44:57

I always dreamed about being in a Wrestling independent promotion
Until I realized wrestling is dangerous because this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNGzmRutyY8
and this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOVn05ZGsug
yeah no no I don't wanna be injured while doing that XC

SileNt-Sam responds:

glory isn't easy to claim y friend


2014-03-17 09:17:32

That's pretty good ! I use to draw in class too but i never been good at it, so i'd just take a note book and draw comics and make blueprints(Yeah blueprints i don't know why).

SileNt-Sam responds:

that's how i started drawing :)


2014-03-17 09:20:57

Doing reviews, slowly working on an album. By the way, if you ever want a review, send me a PM. :)

SileNt-Sam responds:

oh good luck with that :D thx man :)


2014-03-17 09:40:46

Same here,my english teacher is probably the most boring person i know :P

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol oh tell me about it xD


2014-03-17 13:28:13

Yeah sums up my english classes too... which reminds me i should study for a test tommorow....

SileNt-Sam responds:

good luck man ^^


2014-03-17 13:28:40

Nah my english teacher is freaking awesome :D

SileNt-Sam responds:

great ^^ lucky you :P


2014-03-17 15:53:58

My english teacher is just a pure dumbass.
Ill see if i can take a video and show you what me and my friends do to annoy her Xd

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol just don't get busted ^^


2014-03-17 16:59:31

My teacher talks about her life and stuff like her sons and shit and how sucessful they are blah blah blah blah and if you fall asleep DETENTION

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol yeah same shit here :P


2014-03-17 18:46:11

also yeah english teachers can be the most boring people in da worldz

SileNt-Sam responds:

yup ^^


2014-03-18 07:22:46

Cambridge University?
Not bad.

SileNt-Sam responds:

not bad X3


2014-03-18 07:25:17


There are even more crazier things though.
The Mankind shit was maybe the craziest,
but the Shawn Micheals one was painful, but during that epidsode
of raw where they showed the replay, they bashed Shawn's head into the TV.

SileNt-Sam responds:

oh man that was awful :\ i stopped watching WWE when he left


2014-03-18 13:15:47

Batistia came back after 4 years and then he easily gets a shot at WM 30 Main Event..... not cool bro

SileNt-Sam responds:

Batistia is back ?! D:


2014-03-21 08:06:01

My English teacher YELLS at me everyday D;
For talking, eating, laughing, making people laugh, and reading while she's talking -__-''

SileNt-Sam responds:

lol you're like a female version of me XD