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taking a break..

Posted by SileNt-Sam - August 10th, 2014

hey guys ^^

ugh .. as you know school started for some of us and almost there for others .. 

so as i do for every yeah .. i'll be taking a break till i get along and pass my first school weeks :\ 


gosh why we have to do this every year :' 

also check this amazing draw , can you guess who are they ? :3


if not ,  check this out , thx a lot sis c: 


so what else do i have to say ? wish me luck guys and see you in couple weeks :') 

Comments (9)

Me too
School sucks for me :/ i wish i have molotov to burn my school :(
P.S: Bad english???

i actually done that in my ex school :3 just the back yard tho >.>
nah you're just fine :P

Trust me brother, I usually am excited for school, but That feeling is being pushed back, This is gonna be a "fun" year, first year of middle school, at least being an artist gets you a bit higher respect in school. So excited...

i'm excited as well , making new friends and meeting new people .. but still nervous about it

i wnna take a guess that they are both you.... but no worries we all know that life should come fist.... most of the time haha... but take care and we will be waiting

my sis Solina drew it for me and Melindi :3
indeed , like i said it's pretty fun in a way , making friends and meeting new people .. but still nervous about it

Again? oh man
good luck in school man! hope you have a badass year!
what grade are you on?

yeah man >\\\<
haha thx ! i still have like 2 weeks before it starts but i'm getting ready from now :P
hmm 11th grade i think , studying grades system is kinda different here

Why did school start so soon for you???? I still have 3 weeks of vacation.

lucky you ;~;

I think im going to draw something for you and Meli... :3
school sucks, im studying the whole day now D:

aww c:
yeah ikr >\\\<

I HATESCHOOL! I understand your pain. At school, my Autism makes me so artistic that I have to have an advisor stand over my shoulder. School and Chlostrophobia suck balls. -_-
I'm also on a 2-week miiverse ban.....
Good luck!

oh man it's not any better here o.o
thx man good luck for u too ! ^^

(WTF, ebflover. Watcha doin' here?) I feel your pain bro. School can be a pain in the butt because it cuts my drawing time (include the NSFW ones) and doesnt give me enough time to play. Also, someone was teasing me by calling me a &quot;nerd artist&quot; which makes me very enraged I have to throw a piece of paper from sketchbook to her. I need a chill pill now. I think I should get souted for the art portal. Also having a Glee practice. (Are you proud of my NSFW anatomy?)

oh you know her ? O.o
Nuuuu not the NSFW ones D;
yeah i feel you o.o the summer went so fast this year >.>
oh nice .. wait i think i can scout you :3 post them into the portal and i'll do it ^^

Hey.. I went the whole 1st week without killing anybody :P
If I can do it you can do it ^^
I love sis so much for doing that picture (':

yay you made it alive ! :D
tough gurl :P
aww ik isn't she sweet <3