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My last pic

Posted by SileNt-Sam - August 17th, 2014

have you seen it ? no ? good =.=

i drew that but i did NOT upload it .. i leave my laptop open for few minutes and that's what i get -.-

just .. forget you saw that O.o 

ugh peace..

Comments (19)

I saw it, lol. I can see why you removed it though.

yeah you already did i guess :P
but it wasn't suppose to be posted here , it's for a friend who's working on a hentai game .. not here o.e

What picture? ^^

n..nothing c:

???????????????????????????????????????????????????(this is Nahtatroll)

Oooo :P

Saw it >:)

ah shit >\\<

Nah i was just jocking dude,altough i'm getting really curious.
I mean,how over-9000-on-the-porn-meter could it be?

you have no idea O.o you'll get nightmares if you saw it xD

I saw it :I

good :3

Oh c'mon.
The last time i got a nightmare after seeing a picture was about 5 years ago when i saw Jeff for the first time.
Besides,it can't be that shocking.
At some point i remember you drawing a Hellish dog raping Link from Zelda in the ass in a dungeon.

it's the same dog but raping someone else O.o

Oh.........wondering who..........

it's something i drew for a friend for her hentai game .. but some asshole uploaded it here >.>

You mean the shadman fan art?

nope ^^ something else got uploaded after that :P

Last night I had a dream about that picture ;~;
I stole Mayas tablet so I could get on and tell you that XD

my job is done here then cx
lol weekend is almost there tho :3

I didn't see it, but why did you remove it? :3

it's scary D:

If its the shadman fanart its popping up in my feed so yeah

oh thank god =.=
no it's something else but glad u didn't see it :P

But, but...

no buts D: that pic should't be seen O.O i'd be playing with the nature if i uploaded it again D;

That one with the dog and the tanned chick with blond hair? If that's the one then i saw it.

thx for letting everyone know *face palm*

I didn't describe what they were doing but considering the art you usually submit i don't think i really have to say anything.


Oh you mean....hehe.

Canines. All I'm gonna say.


Seen wha

ponz x:

dog rape what
n****r you a faggot

faggot ? should i be offended ?

f**k u ama don't say that to sam he the toughest and coolest guy i know

thx brah ;D