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happy Halloween ^^

Posted by SileNt-Sam - October 31st, 2014

hope i'm not late on the party ! ;D

happy halloween everybody c: hope you had some fun and didn't waste it studying math like i did xD

ugh what should i say o.o i was working on some madness-style halloween pic but sadly i couldn't get it done sine i was pretty busy studing -.- and i'm so sorry ManaSakura for not getting your birthday gift done o.o happy birthday anyways ^^

hmm what else ? :P

i didn't have much time to see all the halloween entries but this one is the best i saw so far :D


by the amazing artist LegolaSS :D

hope you're having a great time everyone ^^

hope this school would end soon so i can get back here o.o i'm missing you guys cx

peace ! ;D

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Now matter how hard I study, I just forget the information. I'm not good at gaining information and remembering them, like social studies. I fucking hate social studies....
We miss you too D: We had such great times in the past.... good times.....
Anyway Happy Halloween!

aww man same here o: school sucks >.>
happy halloween :D

Happy Halloween! ^^
My Halloween is pretty awesome so far,at school we threw a party and watched the movie "Drag me to hell",which was pretty cool.
Also i made some creepypasta decorations,Jeff and Funnymouth :D
I'm waiting for tonight tough,my neighbour is throwing the anual neighbourhood Halloween party,i'll go dressed as Johnny Cage from MK :))

wow sounds great ! :D have fun man ^^

lol i like your new wall pic :P

lol shhh don't tell anyone :P

that is ..................................................................................................................fucked...ru

fucked o.o fucked fucked fucked .. i like that word

Cigars and drinks are on the house dude!!! :D

and i'll bring the girls cx

Happy Halloween, Sam! ^^

Thx :D you too ^^

Happy halloween!
Too bad we dont celebrate it here in Brazil... ;-;

Thx ^^
Oh man ;-;

Happy Halloween :)
@SaviorLoji lol mais um BR :3

Thx ^^

Happy Halloween, Sam. Also, -puts on Omega Zero mask- Ware wa messiah nari! Gimme all your candy! -removes it- Just kidding!
Thanks for greeting me ! :D

Nothing can describe the pain of mom making me do chores during the vacation.

Ahh well,I guess I'll just add a 'belated' to the pic's title when I'm done :c


Hey there man! well first of all sorry for the assumption, but you seem to be very knowledgeable about the world of hentai artist, or at least you are up to date, and here's the thing even i know who Odrich is, but for some reason not only he hasn't been scouted yet http://oddrich.newgrounds.com/ but he seems to be fairly unknown here on NG, do you have any info on this maybe?

sorry for late respond , well .. believe it or not i haven't watch hentai for months o.o too busy with school hehe , and about that artist yeah he's great ! you can find more of his works here
and about not being famous here .. probably because he didn't post his works here yet , or maybe he's not the original artist , i'll ask him on DA if he have a Newgrounds account just incase someone is stealing his identy

Oh he already posted his work here, but he hasn't been scouted yet for some reason.

weird ..

i wish the best for you, man!

also when your studies end, i hope that you will have fun in your xmass vacations.
have fun sir.

also yes, that was an impressive drawing.

keep drawing pretty girls!

thx man ^^

Hope you get back soon, i'm missing you, we all are! Have a great x-mas!

i'm back bro ! :D

happy late new year buddy!

thx man :D

Bro....... Bro......
Bro? You there??

Jeez why are you so inactive man......we miss you.



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