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i'm back

Posted by SileNt-Sam - July 7th, 2015

and yes, i'm still alive.. sorry for getting you all worried, i just disappeared without warning and never talked to anyone, i know.. it's my fault, for everyone who cares.. i'm sorry, it wasn't easy for me as well :c 

but if ya gimme a minute here i'll explain... well i'm not sure where to start, you guys know i've had a bad days lately, and i thank you all for holding my back those days, i wouldn't make it without you :) but when i thought it's getting better.. my father passed away :( yeah... that's when all the bullshit began, just put yourself in my position, you're in a strange country, no friends and no one to trust, and above all that your father dies... i won't lie i was mentally and physically destroyed by that, why physically? because someone had to pay for our school bills, over 4700USD for me and my couple lil sisters, keep away the bus bills and daily things, so i had to sell my laptop, PS3, phone and pretty much everything i got and started working 7\24 after school to keep it up with all that :\ 

that's what happend in short, all tho now i'm all good, i'm in the UK London now, living in gradma's house -.- at least it's better this way, much bigger house and i don't have to do everything myself and work my ass all day .-. 

okay.. enough with the sad part, i'm doing great now :) i think i got depressed to bad that i stopped feeling bad about it XD at least that's the only good thing i came out with >.> i still miss my dad tho.. specially that Fathers Day been few days ago.. but eh we gotta move on and hope he's in a better place now <3 :) 

so.... man i've been off the internet for ages o.o i feel like a caveman XD 

how's everyone holding up out there? hope you're all doing great :) i really missed you all <3 each and everyone of you ^.^ and again, i'm so sorry for getting you all woried..


and still got over 40 PMs to read and let away DA notes, i feel bad for leaving you guys like that, but i also feel great knowing there's people out there holding my back when i need it <3 i love you all :') 

i'm back now and hopefully i'll start drawing again soon ^^ please let me know how you've been while i'm off :)


Comments (39)

Welcome back, everyone will be definitely glad you're back. Though I still will be extra gentle with you the first days you get back into the swing of things, since things do have to return to normal.
The family welcomes you back bro ^^

i'm feeling like home already lol
thx a lot sis ^^ glad to be back c:

I had a friend on Fur Affinity who's father passed away too. I was crying at that, especially when yours passed away too. I'm doing fine though, I hid a cut from my friend because of my depression months back. :o But hey, welcome back! ^^ We missed you!

yeah i feel you, it hurts a lot when it happens to a friend, but never thought it'll happen to me this soon, but eh i'm good with moving on i guess :P glad to be back! ^^

Welcome back again bro, you know I feel great to see you're still... well... ok I think xD
I'm sorry about your father, I know he was important to you, but it's good to see you're better :)
I think I sent to you a PM a looooong time ago too, I got worried about you (I don't see tailsbuddy anymore too) but now you're back, yay! :P
I'm sorry about questioning but what about your mother?

thx bro, yeah i've seen it, totally appreciate it :)
and yeah my father.. well that was unexpected to be honest, but yeah hope he's ina better place now ^^
my mom? she's here with me ^^ me her and both of my sisters moved on to London, grandma's house is pretty big and got few empty rooms since only her is living there, not sure if we'll stay here for too long but i guess everyone's happy about it, so why not :P

Sam! You're back! Oh man I mis you. And I'm sorry for your loss and troubles, hope you're okay now.

hey bro! thx man and no worries i'm all good ;D

Damn man its been a while since I've seen you post stuff on here. I'm sorry about your dad though, glad you were able to push through it. On the other hand, things here changed a bit. Can't wait to see you post cool art and kinda get back into the swing of things

thanks man :) and yeah i'll be back making stuff in no time ^^

*Put pringles aside* Sorry. I was peckish when reading the story :|

Now, to business. You're back, Mhmm Mhmm, and you're across the sea. Mhmm Mhmm. Uk's a great place if you push the war crazy ... Wait that's 'Murica. What to say about England? Its a great place to live, with the free Healthcare. Normal goods for cheap(For Irish people at least). If you put aside the reckless comments and fights about immigrants Yadda' Yadda' you've got a great place to live.

The UK has its limits with all the riots that can occasionally come out of the blue (Mostly because of bills or fines). But aside from that as well. If you know where you live and how safe it is. You get on fine. Now its different over in Ireland since its just...well barren land in the countryside. Dublin's a hectic place if you step over the wrong side and into a place I like to call &quot;Tinker Town&quot; Its full of &quot;Tinkers&quot; or &quot;Tramps&quot;. Mess with these fuckers, you better make sure you didn't skip leg day or you're a dead man.

Now enough about UK and Ireland.

Losing your dad is tough. I've seen my Best friend lose his 2 parents in a space of 2 years. Now I didn't get to see him much but at their funerals, I made sure he knew I was there for him. He's getting along better now living with his Aunt and Brothers. But for you, you'll get along fine if you live with your Grandma. You get hungry, she's there to feed ya', make sure you don't say no to her food or she'll force it down you. You eat or you get force fed. But it's great that you're back, and hope to speak to you soon.
Am I really the only one that has just written a godamn 1 1/2 page homework story for you? M8 wtf? o_o

lol yeah ikr, many people sent me stories in PM so they didn't comment here :P it's no big deal tho i just made it to let everyone know i'm back ^^
and yeah man, losing your parents isn't easy at all, specially in a place where you have no one else of your family, all tho it's good now we made it back to the london, and yeah never mess with grandma's food lol


Sorry..... just glad your back :D
I am very sorry for your loss, I know it's tough to lose someone who loves you. It's just....... How life goes. Very sad I know :( we just have to move on. But I know your father wants you to live a happy life.
All that trouble you went through........ damn........... so much pain............. :'(

But I'm glad your okay now :) It's great to have you back!
Live happily &lt;3

Now here's a comment: I'll never leave this place, I'm halfway to 60 now :I
Must achieve God

heeey man! yeah bro it's good to be back! ;D
and yeah, it's how life goes :\ we just gotta move on i guess..
at least i'm pretty happy to be back here ^^
lol ikr we're growing fast o.O or maybe it's just days going fast ~.~

I'm actually pretty glad, welcome back.

thanks man! :)

That's nuts. I'm really sorry for your loss. Life screws all of us over, but it's great that you're moving on. All the bullshit that life throws at us hurts, but it does make us stronger once we get back on our feet. Good luck in your future drawings, I hope to see a lot improvement!

thanks man :)
and yeah shit happens.. but gotta move on, i'll be back on drawing very soon! ^^

Honestly, I thought you took a spaceship and flew to a galaxy far far away that has no internet. :c

Sorry about your loss, man, though I'm glad that you're feeling better now. I've started to join a group called &quot;7 cups of tea&quot;, which is basically a support group that helps people on the internet (Really not trying to advertise here, sorry :c ,but the people there are actually pretty nice as well, and I'm hoping It'll help you with your loss)

Anyways, I've been idle on NG these days and have been assumed 'ded' by a couple of people, mostly because I'm getting addicted to math (not lying here) ever since I've got nominated for a school competition.(Not sure if good or bad) Another reason is that I'm feeling awfully lazy ,which explains the team pic that I've planned in 2013, started in 2014 and procrastinated till now. (Which reminds me,I've been working on pencil sketches of it since '13 and have never realized that I can actually draw it on paper now that I think of it. O.o)

Nevertheless, I'm happy to see you moving on. A wise man once said:&quot; When life gives you lemons, throw it back at them and burn their house down.&quot; (Note that I made the &quot;wise man&quot; thing up :P) And hey if you're ever feeling down, think about the people on NG who care about you!Just look at the crapload of comments!

(Also, good luck with reaching 400 fans! Only 2 more to go ;D )

heeeey taily!!
wow i was just talking about you! thought you left too and honestly started to worry o:
yeah those support groups are awesome, but i'm already over it some i'm good :3
lol yeah i feel you, i got a lot of sketches over here never finished them, oh the laziness XD
my dad once told me "if life gives you lemons, make orange juice and let them wounder how the f*ck you made it" XD i never realized what he meant until now tho
and yeah almost 400 fans :D you guys are the best ^^
oh and you could gimme those sketches and i'll finish them for ya :3 been pretty much out of ideas lately and dunno what to draw ~.~

hey, i was worried about your long absence from NG...

whats up?
are you OK?

i hope that you have received my PM that i've sent you a while ago....
its good to have you back, welcome back!

you are doing good artwork, and you are a nice person.
whats new with you?

thanks man ^^ and yeah i'm back on drawing :3
eh not much, still getting used on the weather here, everything is going well now ^^

also im sorry for your loss.

i hope that you're feeling better now, PM me anytime if you want some friendly person to talk with, i can cheer you up, sir!

it's okay man, it happens
oh i will :3 i really appreciate it! <3 :D

no just go away

*Sam goes away and hangs himself*

Hello, welcome back. So uhh, how have you been?

thanks, eh not much these days, welcome back you too :3

Wow, you really had rough time!
im glad you are fine, people were worried sick for you here
Im sorry for your loss, and hang on: im sure things will get better :)


"My jordans on my feet, MY jordans on my feet"
"My jordans on my feet, MY jordans on my feet"

I dunno what DeadComputer is talking about, he scares me with his feet fetish and shiz.

lol where?

On steam he told me he had feet fetish, and started saying a bunch of random shet XD

lmao never judge bro XD

What are you talking about, hehehe... You know what he did? Tried to have an argument with me. Little spastic child, and he is calling me a kid. When he is still a kid himself. He doesn't even have the balls to talk to my older friend because he is a pussy.

lol yeah it happens, just leave the poor thing alone he doesn't worth it ^^

Yeah, he isn't worth it now.... But I will attempt to grab his IP...Maybe, just maybe.

you evil xD

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