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Step 1: sell this game on GooglePlay & AppStore
Step 2: be rich

Xevozfighter responds:

Thank you. You're too kind.

the intro is 100% true, god bless NG & LoK

i don't know why people say the game is laggy, it's working smoothly on my ancient pc <3
you made a game solo in 72 hours better than games with whole dev teams and months of work, i really hope someone finds you and offers you a good deal, it's really a shame to waste such a talent

okay, i don't have anything to say after playing this game than saying fuck my life

holy fucking shit O.O
i swear at the moment i saw this the blood freezed in my body o.o
i saw people getting burned alive , i saw men getting beheaded , i saw women getting crushed to death .. but NONE of that scares me as much as Angela's face o.o her face brings me bad old scary memories ;~;

oh shit i've been waiting for this for like a year now since i saw the 1st book o:
it was amazing ! not as much gore as the 1st one but still awesome ^^
pretty fun and interesting things happen , totally loved it !
i hope we're gonna see a 3rd one , right ?

SlingBang responds:

Yes, Book # 3 and #4 are finished. The entire story arc will be hypothetically finished in book #6. Originally, I had intended to space the release of each book 3~6 months apart so I would have time to draw #5 and #6... Tentatively, I will submit another game next and then Book #3.

There is certainly more gore, deviant sex, and interesting events in the upcoming books as well. Generally, it only diminishes when I need to add in some storyline. haha :P

nice work , i'm sure you can do much better tho
as for the artworks they were pretty nice , but as a game it sucks , totally pointless and almost not animation at all , if i were you i'd stick with drawing since you're very good at it , or you can play some other games like this to get some ideas from the to improve your next works
good luck

stop bitching about the age everyone , he's the creator and he said she's 18+ so we're done with this point >.>
other than that , i gotta say the animation is amazing !
hope you'll keep it up and don't let these jerks annoy you ^^

lol she fell asleep XD
smooth animation , liked it ;D
you're getting better every time ^^

pinoytoons responds:

tnx . i'm glad you liked it

fuck man you almost made me scream in the middle of the night XD

Ice cream? anyone?... o.o

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