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back to hell

2/3/13 by SileNt-Sam

my vacation is done , today we went to school and it wasn't a good start

back to hell


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@Silent; Oh, lol, anyway I maded it time ago (some time after I write dat comment =p)

@Theanother; I has two week vacation (still don't going to school c:), so... You'ree uunlluuuckkkkyyy.

I just have one week for vacation. Later, I'm backing to school.

Man, that does suck. I like the photo :P

yea it sucks, At least I only got 2 classes :P



Well at least you had a vacation

idk what is up with people and school, i mean sitting around and doing nothing is boring compared to hanging out with your friends.



i would bomb my fucking school so badly

Silent, yo got own char? I doing a group pic (In it is for now; Me, DSB, Ljhamma, hm, I'll ask also kenamii, I got his new chars sprites, but I wont do anything with them, just only to pic =p)

2/5/13 SileNt-Sam responds:

ummm no i still didn't made my own char :(

fuck school

2/3/13 SileNt-Sam responds:


And I don't want to, we can learn more from internet than from school ^.^

2/3/13 SileNt-Sam responds:

sure , we got google so screw the books

I really want to go back to school. No joke.

2/3/13 SileNt-Sam responds:

u broke my heart