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the 4th looks the best .. but still wondering what's that logo on his chest ?

Cethic responds:

The All seeing eye.

hope i'll live long enough to see you posting a rated A one o.o

25K follower in one year , heck you could make your own army if you want to , you should find a way to use this power on your side !
i have a feeling someday i'll see a whole ShadBase channel on TV .. hopefully

she got ballz O.o

Cicada-Media responds:

mad cojones!

nice design ^^
but i've been wondering .. octopus got his mouth in the center of his body under the tentacles ... i hope she don't bite down there O.o

7darkriders responds:

hmm u got me curious now

that's more like it , that's the artist i know

Spedmallet responds:

I'm glad you approve Silent Sam

nice work man ^^ hehe i like the idea , but like you said you can't keep posting these stuff , i mean you won't get anywhere with these drawings , you have to upgrade and find new ways to make your works better if you wanna make a name for yourself , but it's a good start tho
i recommend you to download Paint Tool Sai , it'll take you only few hours to get used to it and it's much better and even easier that MS Paint ! good luck man ;D

believe it or not i'm watching the show on CN as i'm writing this review O.o
wow .. this feels weird xD
nice work tho ^^ hope to see you drawing Gumball himself someday o: maybe doing something with Nicole cx anyways keep it up ! :D

lol nice work ! cx

DoodlingHitman responds:

Thanks! :)

wow never thought books can be this fun O.o
why this is not happening to me when i'm studying for hours ;~;

Ice cream? anyone?... o.o

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