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amazing sketch man o:
the whole character design in amazing

draw me like one of your french girls <3

not sure if you knew it or not but that tank boy got famous all over the internet with that "ng staff" piece!
i saw it like in 3 diffrent sites and it was totally random, lol NG got one hell of free advertising from that

nitrile responds:

haha, wth. what sites did you see that on?

queens and princesses are indeed monsters
"your majesty, our people are starving! they're out of bread!"
"they don't have bread? why don't they eat crowson then?!"

this is so cute! wait.. why the lil guy has a cunt? o.O
ohhhh.. hmm that's pretty interesting actually o.o cuntboy.. wait i gotta google that!
okay i shouldn't have done that ~.~ still not used to boys with cunts, it's kinda weird but can't judge
however is that even possible? i know transgender people used to do so, it looks like a cunt but can it be used like one? o.O it sounds very painful x3 plus you'll never be able to orgasm and won't get wet like real girls o.o okay, enough internet for me today

FableiiiArt responds:

Well this cuntboy is a otter as well, and he is with a bull so how it works.. we don't need logic for that one xD

now that's some heavy metal

7darkriders responds:

"ba dum tss" XD

the lil donuts feelings the love

where do you get your ideas from? marry me <3

Cicada-Media responds:

the voices in my head D:

wow this is just awesome! o:

omg.. my worst nightmare ever D:
lol if you have kids they won't be that happy to see this XD
but it's pretty well done! even the smallest details looking great, awesome work man!

Ice cream? anyone?... o.o

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