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"Pets are mine or die" xD
cute asf <3

you have no idea how weird it is to open NewGrounds on PC while playing FS on your phone and you see this on the front page o.o like wow.. i'm just staring at my phone right now...

this is epic in every way o.o looks like a nightmare on foot, nice work!

yeah i see a lot of work there o.o i'm too lazy for that shit xD
but seriously work with the dress and tie o.o

nini3456h responds:

Yup. This is just...

i love the design o.o
damn where do you come out with those ideas xD
i really like the outfit.. and the hair.. and the eye.. and the.. ugh screw it
can i steal *cough* i mean redraw her like Monokura?

nini3456h responds:

Sure! I'd be honored!

Mhmm dat ass! wait.. something is not right o.O oh a trap... oh well it's even better! XD
very nice work :3 is there any info about his background? looks interesting :3

D-Rock responds:

Thanks, man! His name is Devil-Lynn. He doesn't have a very in-depth background. He's just a hot trap that likes metal, fighting, deadpan/witty humor, sex and has unspecific black magic abilities. I hope to do many great things with him. I can send you a model sheet, if you'd like.

very nice, i love the idea of a creature and their different forms!
are you willing to draw more like this?

AntagonistDC responds:

Thanks. If you like my artwork, then look me up through Deviantart. The link is in my newgrounds main page. I've got over 100+, never before seen artworks there.

you're one of my best artists ever on here and tumblr ^^
i'm missing your dirty jokes hehe would love to see more of these in the future :D

yay you're a year closer to death congrats lol jk
happy birthday ^^

nini3456h responds:

XD OMG *is ded*

that's cute ^.^

nini3456h responds:


Ice cream? anyone?... o.o

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