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SileNt-Sam's News

Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 6th, 2013

even legends have to die someday...


Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 5th, 2013

everyone is posting porn with this new blog system so i'll give it a try ^w^

it's not porn it's art so shut up and enjoy

4206973_138627759492_baldcunt_erotiqlinks_greatass_JustineJoli_redhead_sexy.jpg4206973_138627764962_baldcunt_erotiqlinks_greatass_JustineJoli_redhead_sexy.jpg4206973_138627771973_baldcunt_erotiqlinks_greatass_JustineJoli_redhead_sexy.jpg4206973_138627779362_baldcunt_erotiqlinks_greatass_JustineJoli_redhead_sexy.jpg4206973_138627785323_baldcunt_erotiqlinks_greatass_JustineJoli_redhead_sexy.jpg4206973_138627791422_baldcunt_erotiqlinks_greatass_JustineJoli_redhead_sexy.jpg4206973_138627797132_baldcunt_erotiqlinks_greatass_JustineJoli_redhead_sexy.jpgZone-Tan is watching you fab 


Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 4th, 2013

i started to see hallucinations O.o don't blame me .. just listen to this 


Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 2nd, 2013

i dare you to answer these 3 questions honestly ..
if you have a lovely wife and you loved her more than anyone else and you did everything you can do to make her feel happy..
then one day you busted her with another man in bed
what would you do to her ?
and what would you to him ?
then what are you gonna do with your self ?

your wife is cheating on you

Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 2nd, 2013

we all dream to be rich and we always think how would life be if we were millionaires .. tons and tons of money that can buy anything on this planet , sooo .. what's your plans to get that rich ?

how do we get rich ?

Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 1st, 2013

Fast & Furious star Paul Walker dead in fiery car wreck: Actor killed after Porsche GT driven by his friend crashed into pole
Paul Walker was the passenger in the car which spun out of control and hit a pole and tree :(

-The 40-year-old starred in five of the six films about illegal street racing and heists
-Actor had been at an event for his charity Reach Out Worldwide before deciding to take the car out to drive
-The fundraiser to benefit victims of Typhoon Haiyan was taking place in a race car shop near to the crash scene
-Guests rushed to the scene to put the flames out with fire extinguishers but the fireball had already engulfed the car
-Walker was the father of daughter, Meadow, 15, who recently moved to California to be closer to him
-Alleged driver of the car that killed Paul Walker has been identified as former race car driver Roger Rodas

rest in peace man :'(

R.I.P Paul Walker

Posted by SileNt-Sam - November 30th, 2013

remember when i said NG is like my second family ? well .. i wasn't kidding :P
here is a picture i've been working on for 3 days of the sexiest members in this lovely family c:
i still got many other people who wants me to add them in this picture but i think it's too crowded ?
nah i'll stick them somewhere ^^ more boobs is always better :D
no incest =.=

Family picture +18

Posted by SileNt-Sam - November 30th, 2013

play it at 3:50

Posted by SileNt-Sam - November 29th, 2013

enough internet and ps3 for this night ... it's too cold outside .. and everyone here is already dreaming .. good night guys ..

it's too late here

Posted by SileNt-Sam - November 28th, 2013

have fun guys ^^ luv ya