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Posted by SileNt-Sam - January 5th, 2014

4206973_138895845643_n.jpgis it that bad to be fat ? O.o 

Posted by SileNt-Sam - January 3rd, 2014

damn she's good :D


Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 31st, 2013





oh man that was one hell of a night XD

HAAAAAAAAAAAPPY new year everyone :D


Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 29th, 2013

happy new year c:


aaaaaaaaand since you're reading this :3 dat means you're sitting home "feeling" 4206973_138835560282_forever_alone_by_rober_raik-d4clvo4.png




everyone else is enjoying the eve :P

cheers :D


Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 28th, 2013

nah it's more like angry libyans ^w^


lol i love these people even if they're retarded :P

oh and about that fight :D i toke this babe with me ^^




lol somehow these stuff is legal :P but i didn't even had to use it and everything ended up in peace ^_^

also i didn't finish my finals yet but till now i passed them all with high mark c:

Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 23rd, 2013

da fuck did i just did4206973_138783733771_a94f9109ab1783fc222c5367fd21813a-d4cw2tq.png

lol i just started a fight on facebook with these bears


lol i'm not the one who started the fight , actually it's my friend on the left :P

4206973_138784499083_IMAG0748-1.jpgit's his fault but i sticked my ass in too XD

oh god XD

they said they're gonna kill us on Thursday after school ^_^

yay :P

lol i didn't fight anyone from a while , i probabbly gonna lose some teeth on Thursday but i think that's gonna be fun :P

also i didn't finish my finals yet so sorry for being unactive 

Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 17th, 2013

i'm sorry for not replying to your comments and PMs :(

i've got a lot of books to read and tons of shit to study :\ sooo yeah i won't be online for a while :) 

your little Sam is gonna be a surgeon someday and i gotta work hard for that :)

wish me luck and have fun guys ^w^ 

i love you all :D 

Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 12th, 2013


you know what , fuck school .. i'm gonna be a fucking psychiatric 4206973_138689286083_a94f9109ab1783fc222c5367fd21813a-d4cw2tq.png

i'm back with another test , but this one is for virgins only ^^

have you ever woundered why you're still virgin ? well , all what you gotta do is answering these questions HONESTLY and i might be able to tell you why ..

sooooo let's just do it for the heck of it and i might do it too :P

okay okay let's start this shit  4206973_138689290432_fuck_yea__by_rober_raik-d4clvrz.png






1) umm okay first things first , How often do you masturbate? 4206973_138689305221_me_gusta_by_rober_raik-d4clrpu.png

A- Hardly Ever (or not at all)

B- Occasionally

C- Regularly

D- Whenever the door is closed and I am all alone


2) When you are masturbating do you normally fantasize about someone in particular? 4206973_138689313853_why_not__by_rober_raik-d4czhw0.png

A- No, I just do it

B- Sometimes

C- Of course, always


3) When do you most want to lose your virginity?  4206973_138689318532_cereal_guy_interested_by_rober_raik-d4cluqb.png

A- As soon as possible

B- Wait until I meet the perfect match

C- I'll screw the first thing that moves my way

D- Who said I want to lose it?


4) If someone you were attracted to asked you out on a date, and then put the moves on you, what would you do?

A- Tell them I am not ready

B- Tell them to be gentle

C- Say nothing and Faint


5) What kind of experience would you like your first partner to have?

A- a little experience

B- be VERY experienced

C- It doesn't matter

D- more experience than Shadman 


6) Would you be willing to try anything kinky (something ABOVE what most people consider "normal sex") on your first time? 

A- Absolutely

B- If my partner's good at it, yes

C- Maybe, it depends on what.

D- No, at least not the first time


7) How often do you look at Pornography?  4206973_138689208952_151380.gif

A- Regularly

B- Occasionally

C- Rarely

D- Why I never!


8) Notice the difference between the last question and this one: How LARGE is your porn collection?

A- Hugh Hefner is envious

B- Plenty to get me By

C- Smaller than I'd like

D- Porn Collection? What Porn Collection?


9) Do you think that a majority of your friends are still virgins? 

A- Definately Not

B- Not entirely sure

C- I think most of my friends are virgins

D- Huh? Virgins don't have friends! 4206973_138689335043_forever_alone_by_rober_raik-d4clvo4.png


10) Are you a virgin by choice or has the opportunity just not arrived yet?

A- I have sworn celibacy

B- I am saving myself for the right person

C- Haven't had the opportunity to lose it

D- What makes you think I'd want to be a virgin? 4206973_138689462562_are_you_fucking_kidding_me_by_rober_raik-d4clstk.png


11) If you had a choice of who's bedroom you could lose your virginity in, which would you pick?

A- My Bedroom

B- Their (The Cherry Popper) Bedroom

C- Parent's Bedroom

D- Motel Bedroom


12) When on a date, how would you react if your date began to make advances on you in public?

A- Calmly tell them to stop

B- Slap them across the face

C- Turn bright red, and keep silent

D- Return the favor


13) Whom do you talk most openly with about sex? 4206973_138689344063_fumanchu_by_rober_raik-d4cwdfu.png

A- Nobody

B- Your Friends

C- Your Parents

D- Your Dates


14) If you could have sex as often as you wanted to, would you be more sexually active than most of the people you know personally?

A- Hell Yeah

B- Probably

C- I don't know

D- Not at all


15) If you could have sex as often as you wanted to AND have a partner willing, would you be more kinky than most of the people you know personally?


B- Probably

C- I can't say for sure

D- is French Kissing considered kinky?


16) Do you already know the person you want to lose your virginity with?

A- yes, but they don't know it yet

B- Yes, and they know it

C- I haven't met that person yet

D- does the person I sat next to on the bus count?


17) If your first time, your partner suggested something you're not really into, what would you do?

A- Tell them I don't want to

B- Do it anyway for them

C- Tell them I want to stop and not go further

D- Do it for them if they repaid the favor


18) I think I am still a virgin due to:

A- My Looks

B- My Attitude

C- My own personal decision

D- My Social Life (or lack there-of)


19) Now the fun part, Does the idea of getting caught having sex excite you?

A- Very Much

B- A Little

C- I don't think about it

D- No, it terrifies me


20) Are you interested in any extreme fetishes? (Bondage, Anal, Feet, Torture, etc,) 

4206973_138689392131_awesome-bondage-pic.jpg 4206973_138689403132_awesome-bdsm-pic.jpg4206973_138689412821_hot-bondage-picture.jpg4206973_138689427331_hot-bdsm-pic.jpg

A- Of course, aren't you?

B- Maybe.... 

C- I'm..... not telling



21) What gender would you like the first person you have sex with to be?

A- A Guy

B- A Girl

C- Either, I'm bi

D- The first one that wants me!


22) How do you think you will perform sexually your first time? 4206973_138689448462_bob_suspicious_by_rober_raik-d4e0gas.png

A- Great, I have studied all there is to know!

B- Good I hope

C- I'm not really sure

D- I won't last five seconds


23) Do you have role-play fantasies?

A- Yes, Alot!

B- Sometimes

C- Not really

D- What's role-playing got to do with anything?


24) How long do you think it will be before you will lose your virginity? (just give a best guess)

A- A few weeks

B- A few months

C- A few years

D- Ha! who says I'm ever gonna lose it?


25) How much do you know about sex?

A- Only what my parents told me

B- I've read all there is to read

C- Enough to know what I am doing

D- More than Shadman 


26) When you first make love, how do you think you will be around your partner?

A- Shy

B- Excited

C- Scared

D- All of the above


27) How do you think your first time will be?

A- Wonderful

B- Terrible

C- Alright

D- I really wouldn't know


28) Do you think being a virgin is a plus when dating?

A- I think it makes me seem more exciting

B- I wouldn't know

C- I don't think it makes a difference

D- I think being highly experienced is better


29) Are you shy about admitting to people that you're a virgin?

A- I am VERY shy

B- I only tell people I know really well

C- I'm not shy about it.

D- I tell everyone I am a virgin


30) What terrifies you the most about your first time?

A- My Performance

B- My Partner

C- What people will think

D- That it might never happen


ahhhhh god we're done :D i hope you answered everything honestly and you didn't get your pants down yet =.=

Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 9th, 2013


Every human has a spark. Every spark shines brightly, showing something about the person to those who can see. Everybody is a bit divine. So the question is... Are you most like an angel or a demon?

by answering these 30 easy questions i'll tell you if you're a dark demon or a beautiful angel..

you read the question then ANSWER it first then go to the next one , okay let's start 




1-First. What kind of person you think you are?

[ A ] A good one.

[ B  ] I'm bad.

[ C  ] Mostly neutral.

[  D ] I don't know... just normal I think.


2-You see a scared, dirty and wounded little kitty in a lonely street. In the distance you can hear the barks of huge, vicious dogs. Do you take the kitty with you?

[ A  ]If she wouldn't hiss at me when I approach her.

[ B  ] She's a damn cat, she'll survive on her own.

[ C  ] Poor little thing, come here.

[ D  ] Maybe... if that gives me good karma.


3- I am evil and you know it. Would you kill me if you have the chance knowing that's absolutely the only way to stop me from doing more evilness?

[ A  ] I can understand your darkness, bro...

[ B  ] NO! Everyone is good inside! I'll save you!

[ C  ] I'll kill you but won't feel good about it...

[ D  ]Die, you evil beast!!


4-A really hot girl/guy proposes for sex with you. You barely know her/him, but like her/his personality up to this moment. Do you accept?

[ A ] If we get along well enough... maybe...

[ B ] No, I need to know her/him more.

[ C  ] Only if we both fall in love with each other.

[ D  ] Yeah, I'd like some hot sex.


5-The end is nigh... are you afraid?

[ A  ] Yes... I'm really scared...

[ B  ] I'm in a party... I'll go away having fun.

[  C ] No, 'cause there's always hope.

[  D ] No, I hate this life anyway.


6-You awake and find that a beautiful pair of wings grew on your back while you were asleep. Your reaction:

[ A ] Yeah! Wings!!

[ B  ] I'm somewhat scared, but they're beautiful...

[ C  ] Quick to the doctor to take them away.

[ D  ] Hmm... nice... they add flavor to my person.


7-And the wings are...

[ A  ] Butterfly-like... or whisp-like... cool...

[ B  ] Bird like, soft, soft colored or white.

[ C  ] Dark colored, maybe feathers or leather.

[ D  ] Made of light.


8-I'm a smelly old beggar who looks really ill... I say: "Hey, do ya've sum spare change for a cup'a hat coffe?". You say:

[ A  ] Fuck you!

[ B  ] Here, have 5 bucks.

[ C  ] Go get a damn job.

[ D  ] What?


9-Suddenly, I, the beggar from the last question, transform myself into a huge dark angel with blazing eyes. You:

[ A  ] Run!

[ B  ] Please spare me, oh, angel of wrath!

[ C  ] I knew what you were the whole time.

[ D  ] I'm not impressed, dude.


10-The angel of wrath results to be a demon, so you:

[ A  ] Sell my soul to him.

[  B ] Fight the beast!

[  C ] We have a long chat about human stuff.

[  D ] Uh... good thing I'm already running away...


11-A pregnant woman hits you hard in the ankle with her shopping car. You:

[ A  ] Smile back at her, it was an accident.

[ B  ] Bless her unborn baby.

[ C  ] Wish something bad for her or the baby.

[ D  ] Yell at her! That hurts!


12-Naked body.

[  A ] Sinful!

[  B ] Beautiful.

[  C ] Art.

[ D  ] Yay! Sex time!



[ A  ] Evil!

[  B ] Just a number.

[  C ] 999

[  D ] Yes. Come to me...


14-How physically beautiful are you?

[ A  ] I'm cute

[ B  ] Absolutely hot.

[  C ] Aww... I'm such an ugly thing!

[  D ] I have a good look.


15-Are you intelligent?

[ A  ] A real genius.

[ B  ] So-so... maybe average.

[  C ] I can outsmart you whenever I want.

[ D  ] Nah... I'm stupid.


16-Where will you go if you die?

[  A ] Hell or someplace great like that.

[  B ] Heaven, to exist in eternal bliss.

[  C ] Nowhere, I'll be dead. Duh!

[  D ] A really dark place where I'll be forgotten.


17-Save me...

[ A  ] I have my own troubles.

[ B  ] Here, have my knife and cut.

[ C  ] Let me mend your weary soul.

[ D  ] I'll be here, even if that's all I can do.


18-Hey, I have a million dollars here and it's for you, but if you take it, somebody you don't know and who lives far away from you, will die. Do we have a deal?

[ A  ] I don't want your money, evil tempter!

[  B ] Gimme the money.

[  C ] May I think about it?


19-Okay... and what if I offer you one BILLION dollars but instead of 1 will be one hundred people you don't know?

[  A ] Yeah, more money for me!!

[  B ] I already said no to your tricks!

[ C  ] Okay... I accept...

[  D ] No way! One hundred is a huge number!



[ A  ] A cute baby breastfeeding. Awww...

[  B ] Being a total jerk.

[ C  ] Yummy... sex...

[ D  ] A night creature drinking human blood.


21-What do you like more, day or night?

[ A  ] Night

[ B  ] Day

[  C ] Twilight or dawn

[ D  ] The void


22-Would you exchange the soul of the worst person you know in the whole world for a perfect love for the rest of your life? You needn't to do anything, just say yes or not.

[  A ] Yes, that bastard deserves it anyway.

[ B  ] No... real love can't be attained by that means.

[  C ] Damn, hard question... I must think about it.


23-Your perfect relationship requires:

[ A  ] Pain... love is pain...

[  B ] Great sex!

[ C  ] Uh... love?

[  D ] Compromise and respect.


24-God calls you and announces the end of the world. Then asks you how you'd like it to end. Your choice is:

[ A  ] Ascension or evolution of the good souls

[  B ] God's wrath, lots of blood and fire

[  C ] I can't decide that! I'd like it to go on!

[ D  ] Darkness and oblivion


25-God sends you a divine gift certificate, you can exchange it for: A) True love, a happy and healthy life, and wealthy; or B) World peace and goodbye to illness and hunger.

[ A  ] A

[  B ] B

[ C  ] None

[  D ] Can't I have both?


26-During your childhood you were more like the bully or the bullied?

[ A  ] Bullied

[  B ] Bully

[  C ] Defender of the bullied

[  D ] Sometimes one, sometimes the other


27-you are most of a good person if you:

[ A  ] Attend religious ceremonies

[  B ] Help people in need

[  C ] Look for your family

[  D ] Commit no crimes


28-You are most of an evil person if you:

[ A  ] Are an atheist

[ B  ] Cause harm to others for your benefit

[ C  ] Are indifferent to other people troubles

[ D  ] Do drugs


29-I'm a little elf outside your window (and a really cute one that can also be either male or female, depending on your preferences). I think you're interesting and will stay there, looking at you. You...

[ A  ] Shoot me!

[ B  ] Close the courtains! Scary creature!

[ C  ] Invite me in for a chat.

[ D  ] Invite me in and have sex.


30-I'm a dark avenger and gonna punish you for all your evil deeds.

[ A  ] Ha! I'll do even more evil, you can't stop me!

[ B  ] It wasn't me! This is an error!

[ C  ] I'm innocent, but I'll defend myself from you.

[ D  ]Already running away...



okay you're done , let's see what's inside you 

Posted by SileNt-Sam - December 7th, 2013

that was one hell of a week =.= tons of exams and shit to study 

also i'm still working on the family picture as slow as a drunk snail 




also i've made something for my friend Roslin X Nigel :D but i didin't color it yet :P 



aaand i'm going to color this awesome drawing which is originally drawn by the awesome MisfitMadman ^^