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SileNt-Sam's News

Posted by SileNt-Sam - January 21st, 2014


should i add anything ? 

also my sensei Sr-Estroncio made this awesome review for me :D wow i didn't know it has all these faults :P



Posted by SileNt-Sam - January 21st, 2014


believe it or not , but all my art works been made with a simple laptop touch pad ... 

and that's seriously suck DX it takes forever to blend colors and make lines looks smoth ._.

i should really get a tablet 


Posted by SileNt-Sam - January 20th, 2014

when i first played it i thought i'mm only play it for 5 minutes before i get bored but i spent the WHOLE night long playing it and i'd played it more if i didn't had to sleep D: 


almost 6 hours od non stop playing D:

you can download it from here but i gotta tell you it has some.. well a lot of seuxal themes :\ but the story is really awesome :P

EDIT : oh i'm sorry i forget the link :P


Posted by SileNt-Sam - January 19th, 2014

tha feel when you finish a game and you wish you can keep living with them :'(


Posted by SileNt-Sam - January 17th, 2014


i just finished downloading skyrim and it was 11 fucking GB >:(

i spent the whole fucking night downloading it and IT DIDN'T FUCKING WORK D:< 

it doesn't wanna install and i tried EVERY possible thing to do to make it work and IT DIDN'T D:< 

the error says : windows cannot find "The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim nosTEAM.part1" make sure you typed the name correctly 

i spent the last 2 hours trying to find a way to make it work and it didn't


Posted by SileNt-Sam - January 15th, 2014

i'm too busy and lazy to finish annything :\

i have like 5 unfinished pics >.<

anyways ... here is a small peek of my latests works :P

can you guess what's happening in the other side of the pic ? :P


Posted by SileNt-Sam - January 14th, 2014

umm i guess there is no other way to say it o.O last night i got my self drunk as fuck :l 

it's not my first time i taste alcholic drink but it's the first time i get REALLY drunk .. oh fuck my head still hurts :\

also i did something really dumb last night and i'm not sure if it works or not .. if it did that'll be awesome and if not i'd be just ruined something i've been planning for it for 6 months now ... i guess i should be thankful cuz i wouldn't have the balls to do it if i wasn't that drunk .. i won't tell you what is it right now but i'll tell u if it worked out @.@

PS: you should really never try this before 18 .. it was my first and last time =.=

have a good time ^^

Posted by SileNt-Sam - January 13th, 2014

i just arrived to Jordan-Amman with my few best friends to spend the next 2 weeks left from our vacation :D 


ohhhh that's goona be fun :P 



Posted by SileNt-Sam - January 11th, 2014


Posted by SileNt-Sam - January 5th, 2014


They're coming.  You know they are.  It's just a matter of time before a shambling, groaning, and questionably-dressed group of mindless ex-humans hound your every step.  But once the political campaigners have left, the zombies will follow soon after!

What will be your role?

answer the following:



4206973_138896468863_s03.png (1)

You awake to find that the Zombie Apocalypse is in full swing.  You:


A- Get to the army base where the real toys are.

B- Take a shotgun and start scouting around.

C- Grab a beer.  Zombies are slow, why hurry things?

D- Board up the windows.  Deeeefense!

E- Grab your teddy-bear.  Make the bad men go away!




4206973_138896498871_ZSCTeam2012_Copy.jpg (2)

You see a small group of survivors moving slowly down a street.  You:


A- Take charge.  People need a leader.

B- Give them advice.  People are dumb.

C- Do nothing.  People can take care of themselves.

D- Ask for help.  People mean safety.

E- Hope they'll distract the Zombies.  People are tasty.





What is your weapon-of-choice for killing these ravenous ex-humans?


A- A gun.  The bigger, the better.

B- A Sword.  Shiny, sharp, and doesn't run out of ammo.

C- A baseball bat.  Such a satisfying thud!

D- A trap.  Safety-first means killing from a distance.

E- Not being there.  Let 'em starve.




4206973_138896536263_my_zombie_apocalypse_team_by_doctorxwhoxgirl-d63v6kk.jpg (4)

In a group of food, er, survivors, where would we find you?


A- I'd lead from the front, looking all hardcore and stuff.

B- I'd be in the shadows. Those ninja movies are finally paying off!

C- I'd go where I'm needed, depending on the situation. 

D- I'd stay with the main group, as it's a better defensive position.

E- I'd be in the middle of the group, so these other idiots can shield me.







First, how's your Zombie Apocalypse fashion?


A- Black leather and buckles, baby.  I need to look the part!

B- Military camouflage.  Let's be professional, people.

C- Street clothes.  An apocalypse doesn't mean I can't be comfy.

D- Hard-wearing clothes and sensible shoes.  I'd rather not make a statement.

E- Athletic gear.  Keeps me cool while I run away.







What music best fits your role in the Zombie Apocalypse?


A- Rock.  I need my blood pumping while I'm dishing out the punishment.

B- Techno.  Precision and energy are the hallmarks of my lethality.

C- Rap or Hip-hop.  Zombie-bashing with style and rhythm.

D- Classical.  Something to soothe the nerves and keep everyone calm.

E- Hymns.  A chariot swinging low would be good right about now.





4206973_138896632781_Heavy_Metal_Zombie_Apocalypse_by_MAGGOTDETH.png (7)

Some members of your group want to make a run for it, but you're sure they're only dooming themselves.  You:


A- Tell them to sit down and shut up.

B- Put the facts in front of them and try to get them to see sense.

C- Shrug your shoulders and let them get on with it.

D- Wish them all the best.  After all, maybe they're right?

E- Actively encourage them to go.  Well-fed Zombies are less of a threat.





4206973_138896656823_Shelly_Zombie_Hunter_Stock_6_by_KINGZOMBIE_STOCK.jpg (8)

Would you want to be in a group of survivors, or on your own?

A- I'd be best as a group leader.

B- I'd prefer to use my skills within a group.

C- Meh, either way.

D- I'd prefer the freedom of not being in a group.

E- I work alone.  The weak hold me back.







Would you rather:


A- Lead an elite military group against the Zombie horde.

B- Be a member of the above elite group.

C- Be a civilian, getting by as needed until help arrives.

D- Be a loner, using your skills to survive without help.

E Be a Zombie hunter, always working alone.





4206973_138896683212_friendship_is_survival_by_theartrix-d499zms.jpg (10)

The Zombie Apocalypse is:


A- Seriously awesome.  I get to kill Zombies!

B- Kinda cool.  Definitely fixable.

C- Whatever.  Something to do, I guess.

D- Horrible.  How could such a thing happen?

E- Appalling.  Won't someone think of the children?





would u survive ?