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SileNt-Sam's News

Posted by SileNt-Sam - April 11th, 2014

just made a Gaia profile :3 

you should check my page ^^

click here to see it ;D

Posted by SileNt-Sam - April 9th, 2014

4206973_139708119383_faceeees.jpgpart 2 shall be out soon ;3 

Posted by SileNt-Sam - April 7th, 2014

4206973_139689391691_braaaCanvas.jpgyay finally drawing a normal female ^^ 

Finn should thank me for this later :3 

Posted by SileNt-Sam - April 5th, 2014

4206973_139672998632_how_to_paint_a_realistic_eye__youtube_tutorial__by_iri.jpg4206973_139673001881_how_to_paint_realistic_lips__youtube_tutorial__by_iris.jpgso damn beautiful :'D

Posted by SileNt-Sam - April 4th, 2014

this is a story by my lovely friend gloomii :D you should check it ^^

click here first to know more about the characters ^^

then click here to read the first capture :D

make sure you leave a nice comment there or i'll add you to my hit list >;3


Posted by SileNt-Sam - April 3rd, 2014


wow i never thought he'll reply on my review :3

i feel so great right now :D 

Posted by SileNt-Sam - April 2nd, 2014

most of you probably got this message 



(right click and open in new tap for full size)

and forr me this is the third time i get this message >.>

anyways , she's asking you to add her email and when you do she'll send you this message : 

Dearest one
It is my pleasure to get back to you this moment,how are you,your business and your entire family?i believe that everything is going fine with you.
I know this mail will not come to you as a surprise since we have not had a previous correspondence,please bear with me.

I am more than happy to read your mail from my mailbox,and i hope that you are fine and healthy,i have noticed that you are the kind of person i am looking for since all this while, i believe that you are a trust worthy and caring person, that's what makes me to disclose my identity to you.
My  name is Miss Amanda Omar,25 years old  from Darfur Region of Sudan presently residing at the Catholic charity home here in Senegal,as a result of the  the death of my parents by the rebels last year.Please don't be discouraged for hearing this,i believe deep down inside me that you will never break my heart or let me down in anyway.

I am from the family of late Engr.Omar Salva, My late father Engr.Omar Salva,was the vice chairman of Sudatel telecommunication in  Darfur.The brutal killing of my mother and my father, one kid sister and my elder brother took place one early morning by the rebels as a result of the civil war that is going on until now in Sudan.I was in my second year in Applied Mathematics department of University of Darfur in Sudan before the crisis.

Here is the website of the  happening in my country(www.aiddarfur.org) and i contacted you for a possible help.My step mother was a very wicked woman and she intend to kill me since my father and my real biological mother are dead.Then, she planned to take away all my late father's property and some other valuable things from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Parents.

Meanwhile,i wanted to find my way out of my country because,i have seen what she is planning to do to me,i thereby plan to go to another, but she hide my international passport and other valuable traveling documents,luckily she did not found where i kept my late fathers File which contains important documents,and i managed to escape with the documents which covers my late father's deposited money total $6.5 M USD (Six million five hundred thousand US dollars).which he use my name as the next of kin.

Meanwhile,i am still residing here as a refugee under the Catholic charity organisation,i am saddled with the problem of securing a trust worthy foreign personality to help me transfer the money from the bank pending my arrival in your country,so that i and you will manage the money wisely.
Furthermore,on your wish you can contact the bank for confirmation and you can communicate directly with them regarding this fund of my late father which was deposited in their custody. I am giving you this offer as mentioned with every confidence on your acceptance to assist me retrieve the money from the bank and transfer to your nominated bank account.

I will like to further my studies as soon as i arrive to your country, please try to help me to achieve this goal as i have a desire to become a famous personality in the nearest future.
I will be pleased if you can do this for me,you can reach me through this number(00221777864216),it is a Reverend Fathers phone number, by name Reverend Father Mark Paulson and email (fathermarkpaulson@yahoo.com) if you call, please ask of Amanda Omar,When ever you call,try to tell him that you want to speak with Amanda Omar,who is staying in the female hostel.

I have already inform him, that some one will call me through his phone,and once you call,he will send for me from the hostel to come and speak with you.So please do not fail to call me,because I need to hear your voice too.So on your wish to help me out i will like to have your data such as:

1.Your Full name
2.Your address
3.Your occupation.
4.your phone or fax number.

Immediately i receive this, i will give you the contact of the bank where the money was deposited for you to contact them.
Bye and take a good care of yourself and have a nice day.
Yours sincerely,


so yeah she's asking you for some info and said she'll send you a huge amont of money to your bank account right ? 

here is the trick , when you fully trust her she'll tell you that she's totally broke atm and she needs some money at least 200$ so she can transfer the documents to you , and if you're stupid enough you'll send her the money and BOOM , she'll just ban you and she got 200$ for nothing >.>



Posted by SileNt-Sam - April 1st, 2014


nah i'm still alive and drawing boobs ^^

Posted by SileNt-Sam - March 31st, 2014


i already have MORE than enough shit to study in school .. and above all that still got anatomy to learn >.> 

i need to practice extra harder if i wanna be a pro artist here D: 

Posted by SileNt-Sam - March 30th, 2014

yay it's my #300 post :D

and since i have a tablet and i'm good enough now i'll start taking commissions :D

and here is the prices ;)

EX character design + bacground  = just say please ;3

EX Madness character design + background = just say please <3 

Fursona + background = just say please ^^

Boobs and hentai stuff = 50$ .. nah it's free of course ! 

pay by paypa.. uhh i mean just leave a comment to book your turn and tell me how do you want it via PM ^^

and here is some 3D boobs for ya XD