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i'll be female for the next 24 hours !

2014-03-27 12:48:56 by SileNt-Sam


well , that's what you get when you play with the devil X3

been playing truth or dare with Melindi and i toke the wrong move by choosing dare X3 

and now i have to talk and act like a female for the rest of the day >.< 

so yeah .. go ahead and lough ~.~ 

EDIT : *passed out on the keyboard* ... *wakes up* uhmmm something is not right ~.~ .. wait .. yay i'm male again :D *pulls pants down* yaaay and i still have my penis :'D FINALLY 

starting from scratch

2014-03-26 08:33:20 by SileNt-Sam





now i have to start from scratsh .. and learn it all over again >.<


first sketch

2014-03-24 07:55:46 by SileNt-Sam


(right click and open in new tap for full size)

i think i'm geting used to this tablet :3 

this one was suppose to be a gift for a dear friend but not sure if it's good enough to finish it :\

anyways .. tell me what do you think about the shading :)

any tips are appreciable ;3  

finally got a tablet

2014-03-18 14:47:56 by SileNt-Sam

believe it or not but ALL my art work were done by a touchpad D: 

it was hard as hell to use but i found some technics to make it easier and let the pad on my side :) 

but however i think it's the time to improve and finally get a tablet :D



2014-03-17 08:40:26 by SileNt-Sam

uhh i have nothing to post so lets talk about schol X3 and english class to be exact :P

it's really boring and all my friends always fall asleep whenever the teacher gets in ._.

but i'm different c: i usually start doodling .. till i fall asleep too XD 

i think this one turned nice , it's not that good but it's an idea fro a new character i might work on later :\

uhh .. so what's up ? :)



2014-03-13 09:20:55 by SileNt-Sam


no one broke into my account and i DID NOT write that =.=

lol for fucks sake why would i say "i am a fat brony" or "fuck you all bitches" ? 

omg he's much more stupid than he looks like XD

i'm sorry Madnesia19 for that but it's not my fault , DSF faked that with MS paint or something .. since he's too underdeveloped to use photoshop >.> 

fuck i'm too busy for this shit ,, but since you wanna play dirty you'll have it ^^


this pic was taken by Mikik 9/17/12 and heres the proof ( <<< click here)




AND this one was taken by SwagMuffin on 9/22/12 and heres the proof :P << click :3 



4206973_139471662663_c10be8e8de35ebd8e0cf4f0853f5c783.pngLOL and this one was taken by Asandir few hours ago XD



and now I DARE YOU to post a pic of your face on your page >:3 

i'll admit to everyone that i'm a "fat brony" if you did that :P but i'm sure you don't have the balls to it XD

now go play somewhere else kiddo ^^

brain over loaded

2014-03-08 09:41:30 by SileNt-Sam



Brain Damage

2014-03-05 15:04:29 by SileNt-Sam


Coffee Coffee Coffee

2014-03-01 09:10:09 by SileNt-Sam


ah .... ah ...ookay ... that was the 4th cub of coffee today ..

aaaaaaaaaand i feel AWESOME :D

fuck .. this coffee is like my drugs :D



2014-02-26 05:31:58 by SileNt-Sam

OMG i can't belive she's back :'D 

i really thought i lost her forever .. i'm more than happy to see her back again :D 

OMG this day can't get anny better <3